This POWERFUL system builds a NATIONWIDE downline. Do you have a rapidly expanding organization of committed distributors? Would you like to have a solid downline of EXCITED, PRODUCTIVE, COMMITTED distributors that is EXPLODING like WILDFIRE? We use a POWERFUL SYSTEM for building a dynamic, fast multiplying downline. This unique system literally FORCES distributors to explode to the top. With NO SELLING! No overcoming objections, no “closing” on people. And this System is EXCLUSIVE for our downline.



This is the System we have used to build 100,000 downlines. This is not theory! The System really works!


No chasing after friends and relatives, who will ridicule you. Forget about your “warm” market. There’s no such thing! Wait until you have credibility (spelled- $ $), and they will be chasing you. In fact, when the word gets out, you will have a RIVER of prospects, eager to join your downline.


We will teach you how to be a SPONSORING MACHINE!


No meetings. No expensive advertising. Fewer dropouts. And NO SELLING!


Position yourself as the leader of a fast multiplying NATIONWIDE downline. You will have a Unique Sponsoring Advantage, giving you a competitive edge.


WARNING: This is a non-sales Sponsoring System. This is for non-sales type people, with no sales abilities. Selling skills are not needed. There’s no high pressure “arm twisting”. This System only produces VOLUNTEERS.

WARNING: This involves work. We don’t want anyone to become disillusioned when they find out that THIS INVOLVES WORK. It’s not hard. It’s not complicated. It’s not expensive. But it is work. There’s no free lunch here.

WARNING: It takes time. You are not going to see big checks your first month. This is not the lottery. It takes time to build a residual income.

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